Program Schedule

Monday – Friday *

12:00am1:00amThe Ben Shapiro Show
1:00am5:00amRed Eye Radio
5:00am7:00amAmerica in the Morning
7:00am8:00amFirst Light with Michael Toscano
8:00am9:00amThe Chris Plante Show
9:00am12:00pmThe Brian Kilmeade Show
12:00pm3:00pmMarkley, VanCamp & Robbins
3:00pm4:00pmThe Ben Shapiro Show
4:00pm6:00pmChad Alexander
6:00pm9:00pmChad Benson
9:00pm11:00pmThe Dana Show
11:00pm12:00amThe Ben Shapiro Show

Saturday *

12:00am5:00amRed Eye Radio
5:00am7:00amBilly Kinder Outdoors
7:00am9:00amThird Opinion
9:00am10:00amFinancial Forum
10:00am11:00amGreat Health Live
11:00am12:00pmHome Repair McRoof Style
12:00pm1:00pmBull & Bear with Michael McGuire
1:00pm4:00pmClark Howard
4:00pm6:00pmThe Pet Show
6:00pm9:00pmThe Kim Komando Show
9:00pm12:00amBrian Kilmeade

Sunday *

12:00am5:00amRed Eye Radio
5:00am6:00amPublic Affairs Programming
7:00am9:00amBilly Kinder Outdoors
9:00am12:00pmChad Benson
12:00pm1:00pmFired Up Kitchen
1:00pm3:00pmThe Dana Show
3:00pm5:00pmChad Benson
5:00pm8:00pmBrian Kilmeade
8:00pm9:00pmThe Kim Komando Show
9:00pm12:00amClark Howard

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