Chad Alexander

                      Chad Alexander           KOKC

Chad Alexander has a wealth of experience in Oklahoma and national politics as well as tremendous insight into the creation of public policy and how those laws affect Oklahoma families and business.
“For the last few decades, I have shared my opinions and insights almost exclusively with a long list of personal clients, but now I will be free to discuss these views publicly,” said Alexander. “There’s something liberating in that. I won’t have to hold back.”
Alexander has represented a long list of corporate and political clients over the past 20 years, including Newt Gingrich and the University of Oklahoma. He served as campaign manager to J.C. Watts, Jr. In his early 20’s and was elected to chair the Oklahoma Republican Party at the record-breaking age of 27. Additionally, he served as a state political director to two Republican Presidential campaigns, and as a general consultant to numerous state legislators. Currently, Alexander is on the board of the Oklahoma City Metro Alliance, which assists individuals who are recovering from substance abuse issues.